The Adventures of Ninkasi


Ok, so they're not really stowaways but it just sounded cooler and more nautical then our guests.

Mark and Terry

Mark and Terry on the Bow

My good friends Mark and Terry came up to Beausoleil Island with us in September of 2005. I keep promising to invite them up again and they keep threatening to accept. Mark was one of the first people to volunteer his services when I decide to head south. Sounds like a tough decision eh.

Mark and Terry took us up on the offer and joined us again in September of 2009, which turned out to be one of the best weekends of the season.

Gord (Mr. Potato), Stevie (Tater tot) and Toni (Narly Yam)

Gord, Stevie and Toni Gord and Stevie are our next door neighbours and they recently added Toni to the mix. Since the girls are all around the same age and they all seem to get along (well, most of the time) they usually come up with us a few times each year. Since both Gord and Stevie had nick names we felt that we had to work at giving Toni one as well. There were a few good ideas but in the end we chose "Narly Yam" over "Sweetmeat" as it kept with the potato theme.

As you read through the journals, you will see and read a lot more about them.

Gord also helped me with the delivery of our new boat across Nottawasaga Bay. It ended up being a great trip, but since it was in October it could very easily have been a different story. It was during this trip that I learned the pleasure of having an auto pilot, one trip and I was hooked, it's just so civilized.

Hailey (My Best Friend)

Hailey and Alex have known each other since they were a few months old. Kathy met Hailey's mom at a new mommies get together and even though they now live about an hour away from us they seem to pick up wherever they left off the last time they were together.

Well, ok she's not my best friend but it's the ongoing inside joke and it always seems to ruffle the girl's feathers.

Tracey, Harley and Lucy

Tracey is actually Kathy's niece, but since they are close in age they've hung around together for most of their lives. Tracey, Harley and Lucy came up for a long weekend in the summer of 2006. It actually happened to be one of the best weekends we've had on the boat; the weather was great, the water was warm and we had a couple of great nights at the fire and so of course we told them that's what it's like all the time. They keep threatening to come back as well.

More stowaways coming soon....