The Adventures of Ninkasi


This is a collection of boating friends, some of which are also land lubber friends. The only prerequsites to make it into this section is that they have a boat and of course they have to be our friends.

Mike and Ruth

Mike and Ruth at the campfire

Mike and Ruth own Beaujolias, a Thundercraft 29 (a powerboat but we won't hold that against them) that they keep in the marina next to us in Penetang.

Mike and Ruth often join us out at Beausoliel Island during the summer months and Emma can usually convince Mike to bring his guitar to the fire for a group sing along. Mike and Ruth got into boating about the same time that we decided to buy the Edel and I actually knew Mike through work for a number of years before they decided to take the leap.

Beaujolias anchored

Dave and Maureen

Points North Anchored We know Dave and Maureen through Mike and Ruth (Mike and Maureen are cousins), and they own Points North a Catalina 34. Dave and Maureen have been boating for a number of years but just recently moved into the sailing world. It was actually after a visit to their boat that prompted us to move up from the Edel and start the search for our next boat. It was Dave who also helped talk us into looking at the Pearson. Up to that point we thought it was too soon and more boat then we were looking for.

Thanks Dave.

Dave and Maureen in the cockpit

More friends

Red Rick and Lee

Brown Rick (previously known as Blue Rick)

Captain Petey Pink Shoes

Mark and Elaine


Evan, Ruth, Alison and Fiona on Alona

Even more friends coming soon....(we hope)